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About us

Due to the fact that nowadays, the world is constantly changing, change is not always for the best and crisis after crisis emerges, our group is trying to provide superior services from selective and special reports and analysis with regards to the local or regional situation, evolutions and prospectives to support the decision process in several strategic fields such as business, politics, military, etc., to complex lobby activities.

Obviously, our most important asset is our personnel. Our group employs or is associated with retired government operatives, highly trained, vastly experienced and very dynamic. Life has taught us that no amount of equipment can substitute high level training and experience. We have put together a team of special service providers that have proven to be leaders in their respective fields.

All services provided by our group, are executed to a very high level quality standard. If something that is required of us to handle, can't be done to the levels of those standards, it will not be done, or it will not be done in that way.

Potential beneficiaries targeted by our services are international agencies, governments and government bodies, multinational corporations, regional and local companies as well as international or regional dignitaries and any "size" of businessmen or V.I.Ps.

ACCORD Consulting Group